My first post….. live from Quarantine. What about the Uni students ?

I have had an interest in blogging and social media, for a while now. But like many of us young people, I procrastinate ….. A LOT. Nonetheless, here we are my first blog post. This post is coming out whilst times are very uncertain, and to make matters worse I was meant to graduate this summer. However, Coronavirus hit the UK by surprise and it kind of feels like life is not real at the moment. Especially being a University student, doesn’t it feel like we’ve just been ‘abandoned’ ? One thing that we should take comfort in is, we are not in this alone. All around the word, millions of students are feeling the same. It is important to remember that, this will be over and we will still get our degrees. Therefore, we must still work towards this. I have come with a 5 simple steps, that could help us all.

Image of my campus, University of Kent.


Whether we like it or not, we still have uni work to do. Although these are conditions that, we could have never foreseen. Many of us, especially third year students, still have exams and assignments. The best way to achieves as highly as we can, is to make a routine for ourselves. Making sure that, work is still getting done. For me, fixing my sleeping pattern (somewhat) has helped. Everyone works well during different hours of the day, but I can get most work done during mid day. I’ve made a timetable to make sure I get at least 4 hours a day done. A little bit of work, goes a long way.


As these are unprecedented times, it’s important to take it each day at a time. Sometimes you’re going to want to just relax, or not feel like doing work. That was me for, the first two weeks of lockdown. However, after making a routine I do feel better. But I have noticed that, my work rate is a lot slower. So when I am completing deadlines, I allow myself more time for things that I would normally achieve quicker. Be easy on yourself, and appreciate the things you do have right now.


I am a Christian, and in times like this it is important to remain prayerful. You don’t need to be extremely religious to do this, you just need to have faith. Praying for me gives extreme comfort, that God is control at the end of the day. As a Christian, I try not to live in fear. These are awful times, and people are dying daily from this virus. But it will not last forever, and hopefully there will better times after this.


Like most things in life, it all starts with us. Our minds are very powerful. What we think and our outlooks on situations, effect us greatly. I believe in the law of attraction, if you want something you will get. We all want to do well in our degrees, and despite these circumstances that has not changed. Positive and negative thoughts, will effect the outcome of this. In the beginning of this pandemic, it did not feel like an issue that we would ever be effected by. However now, it’s very real and very disheartening. I was still in the hopes of, going to my universities library. But ofcourse, things have changed greatly. I have had to adjust my mind to accepting that, my uni work has to be completed in different settings.


Many universities, if not all have put in place policies to help us. I feel bombarded with new emails everyday, they are important and could contain information to help. Universities are able to help with resources, that you may not have thought of. My university has introduced a ‘no-detriment’ policy you help ease of the pressure too.

I hope this blog post has been useful, these are things that I think, all university students can benefit from in some way or another. Most importantly take of yourself. See you soon x

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