My Favourite Fashion Retailers

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Hope you’re all well, and these unprecedented times are not too hard for you. This is a post that was requested via instagram, @theowordblog. I will be listing and discussing my top 4 fashion retailers. My go to shops for any occasions.

This list is in particular order, without further ado. Bershka is one of favourites, because they are affordable and keep up with the trends. There is a certain European feel to the designs too. They do have an online store, but I tend to shop in their westfield London branch for convince. Down below are some of my favourite outfits from them.

The outfit with orange see through top, and shorts is all from Bershka. The other outfit, only the top is Bershka. I think both of these tops are unique to Bershka. The orange top says ‘ not common’ , I personally really liked this detail. I was on party holiday when I wore the orange outfit, so it was important for me to have outfits that would not be worn by everyone.

My next favourite is pretty little thing. Nearly all my outfits all the time are from here. Pretty little thing is an online fashion retailer, and one of the most popular in the Uk fashion scene right now. They regularly update their website, with new pieces. Therefore, there are many options to chose from. I would say pretty little thing are one of, the main trendsetters in the scene. They make everything from clothes to shoes to accessories. There’s always something that you will like on their website. They have been able to create a brand, that many women around the world would want to be seen in.

These are some of my favourite pretty little thing fits. As you can see, they have a range of clothes from casual to dressy. I’m quite a fan of ballon sleeve (as seen in the brown dress and grey jumper). I am also a fan of, of wide exaggerated sleeves (as see in the yellow top). These are features of pretty little thing clothes, in which I believe distinguishes them from the rest.

Oh polly Oh Polly. From the clothes themselves to the packaging , everything is done perfectly. Oh polly have managed to brand themselves very successfully. Their online social media presence, and use of influencer market has helped them create this brand. They are one of the most successful online fashion retailers in the Uk. When you see an Oh polly piece of clothing you will know immediately. Below, are some of my favourite Oh Polly outfits I’ve worn. I have quite a slim physique, and Oh Polly’s clothes help to accentuate my curves. Oh polly’s clothes will make any woman, feel stunning.

Shein is a popular online fashion retailer. They offer a wide variety of menswear, children’s wear and womenswear. I order a lot of handbags from them, as they are affordable and unique. Shein is not a fashion retailer, that a lot of people would think of at first. But it’s a hidden treasure, because of this, you can expect clothing that not everyone else will have. In regards to, swimwear Shein is my go to. They have trendy and comfortable swimwear, and for both my holidays last summer. All my swimwear was from them.

These are some of my Shein faves.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. I really do want to inspire everyone, to be able to express themselves with how they dress. I hope this post helps gives you some advice, feel free to get in contact and make sure you follow us on socials @theowordblog on Instagram. See you soon x

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