The O Word is a blog dedicated to opera and classical music. We aim to act as a tool to educate and inspire singers by offering opinion blogs by, and interviews with emerging artists and professionals in the music scene. Our mission is to open up pathways for young artists, and engage more interest in opera and classical music along the way.

Whilst reading our blogs, you’ll notice different types of blogs come up. Most of them are your average blog, but you may see Vocal Voyages or What To Expect.

Vocal Voyages is a blog written by up and coming local Australian musicians who have pursued their dreams of classical music overseas. In these blogs they talk about their experiences, and we hope you’ll realise by reading them, the talent that Australia produces into this field of theatre.

What To Expect is your guide to the opera! Seeing an opera you don’t know anything about? Not sure what language it’s going to be in? Didn’t know it wasn’t going to be in English? The What To Expect blogs are here to help you! Written to simplify opera plots, tell you exactly what language you might hear, and point out famous arias that will pop up during the show, What To Expect makes your opera experiences less stressful – and less stressful!

The O Word Team

Editor in Chief: Katherine Goyder
Deputy Editors: Emma Adele Ashton and Louis Hurley
Editorial Board: Ema Rose Gosnell, Caroline Mcallister, Alessia Pintabona

Creators: Katherine Goyder and Louis Hurley


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